About SDF

Sports Development Foundation New Zealand is a local charity dedicated to helping athletes, sports enthusiasts and people who want to get into sport achieve their goals. SDF allows more people to have the opportunity to participate in different sports by delivering pathways and professional training at more affordable prices.

Founded in 2019, SDF entered the public eye by organizing snow sport events and sponsoring New Zealand snow sport competitions. So far, SDF has secured multi-national and multi-cultural coaches to provide different types and levels of professional sports knowledge. SDF uses our passion to help passionate people make better use of their passion for sport.


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We develop people through sport

Our value at a glance:

  • SDFNZ believes that sport creates healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy community
  • Support development and growth by creating opportunities and ensuring accessibility regardless of circumstances
  • Share knowledge through targeted training programs and educational workshops
  • Provide tools to help you unlock your full potential
  • Support you at your next event


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